Lisa Katzoff

Lisa Katzoff is a singer whose style spans a combination of musical genres from Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, and Country.  One minute she is a powerhouse diva belting out rock, and the next she's got a sexy, smoky soulful take on a ballad.    She possesses the youthful energy and passionate drive of someone half her age, and that may explain why she looks and feels so young.

 Or it could be the creativity that shines within her talent.  Lisa grew up in urban New York City, always making up songs and creating shows.   As a youngster, Lisa was constantly surrounded by the arts.  Both of her parents painted and her dad taught sculpting.  Today, besides singing, Lisa paints, writes stories and articles, designs jewelry and does numerous other craft projects as an outlet for her “artistic personality”. Lisa loves to create things, and music is no exception. Although she cannot play any instrument other than the tambourine, Lisa has a knack for making up catchy melodies and lyrics and she is a gifted songwriter as well as a singer.

 Lisa started writing music in High School when a vocal coach encouraged her to put her feelings of being “lonely and different from other kids” into a song.   Creative kids often spend more time with adults and mentors than with kids their own age. and Lisa was no exception. But don’t feel too bad for her, she says, because growing up in New York City allowed her to nurture her talents with some of the best in the biz; Broadway performers, Opera Singers and professional Concert Musicians all served as her instructors.  Four years at the New York City High School of Performing Arts to study acting and musical theatre with the “Fame” movie professionals and a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Queens College helped round out her education. 

 During college, Lisa expanded her creative horizons even more by traveling to France on an exchange program to study French at the world-renowned Sorbonne University.  While in France, she busked at the Georges Pompidou center and literally “sang for her supper” until she found a job as an entertainer at the Euro Disney (now Disneyland Paris) resort.  “This experience totally changed my life, “ says Lisa, and she has been traveling the world ever since to keep up her language and cultural skills. Besides speaking and singing in French fluently, Lisa also sings in Spanish and Italian. Lisa hopes to eventually release French, Italian and Spanish versions of her original songs. 

 After college, Lisa embarked on a career in music, but often wound up doing more teaching than performing. Lisa says:” When you have a skill and a college degree to fall back on”, you can sometimes get too caught up in trying to make sure you don’t wind up a starving artist, and you lose sight of the opportunities to do something crazy like be a professional recording artist.” Her advice to the young singers out there is to “go for it while you still can, cause it’s a much harder thing to do when you’re my age.  “ 

Lisa has performed all over the USA at music clubs, festivals, fairs and private events.  Lisa also fronted the Lisa K Band, playing cover songs all over the New York, New Jersey area. The Lisa K Band has an album available onine at Itunes, CDbaby and  

 Currently Lisa still puts her music skills to good use writing and recording original songs. 

 Lisa is married for over 13 years to David Katzoff, who plays keyboards on much of her music.