Back in the Studio, New Album almost finished!

2017-2018 update: It has been a few years process to finish the album.  The pre-release at the Taxi Road Rally Music conventions recieved excellent feedback on Lisa's vocals and personality.  She was dubbed "a female version of Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen; and there were comments on her "gutsy polished vocals,  like a modern version of janis Joplin"  by many of the record company execs.   There are now 10 finished original tracks.  Lisa has been traveling a lot and in July 2017 she made a trip to Abbey Road Studios in London to oversee the mastering process and worked with famed engineer Geoff Pesche on the album master.  The album is now being prepared for an independent release for the summer-fall of  2018.  But Lisa wanted to do something extra to reflect some of the cover songs she has been doing so she is back in the recording studio recording a bonus track: Janis Joplin's Piece Of My Heart.    In the meantime, Lisa is also working on several band projects including a recently formed Janis Joplin Cover Band Project , an original band project, and she also volunterers her time hosting and organizing and performing at Jam sessions with the Maplewood Jam Band, a New Jersey Cover Jam-band collective project with over 100 members.  Lisa has also been testing out new material at performance sessions at various intimate venues worldwide, and recent performances include the Hard Rock Cafe in Dublin, The Howling Wolf Blues club in Glasgow, and Hawaiian Brians in Honolulu and the Lucky Horshoe in San Francisco.  

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